The Next Generation of Skin Care

All the benefits of antioxidants, alpha hydroxys and beta hydroxys … plus, it helps balance the mind and body

It seems that the whole beauty industry is searching for a natural skin care regimen that really works. It is well known that some creams can create long-term damage to the deeper layers of the skin. They distort nature’s intelligence as it creates new cells. Most experts now believe that herbs hold the key to the next generation in skin care. In short, botanicals for the face must contain perfectly blended, balanced, and effective levels of non-chemical herbal extracts.

Today’s most popular “natural” face creams, even spa-quality formulas, contain less than 1% herbal ingredients. In many cases there’s only a fraction of a percent of herbal extracts. It’s simply not possible for the minuscule amount of herbal ingredients contained in these creams to have any significant influence on the skin. We may be thankful for this, since the proper selection of herbs is a sophisticated science. A significant percentage of the wrong herbs could be worse than no herbs at all.

All-natural and 9.5% botanicals!

The herbal blend in Youthful Skin® Cream is balanced and nourishing. Thousands of women (and many men) have enjoyed the benefits of the previous generation of Youthful Skin Cream. It contained 4.5% ayurvedic herbal extracts — a world’s first.

Now Maharishi Ayurveda announces another world’s first — the next generation of skin care in a single, ayurvedic botanical face cream. The new Youthful Skin Cream has an amazing 9.5% herbal extracts that deliver the surface results of alpha hydroxys, the deep layer nourishment of beta hydroxys and long-term cumulative benefits, including remoisturization and naturally enhanced collagen synthesis.

In addition, the cream is now part of a spa program which you can use in your own home. It improves the health of every layer of the skin and produces a youthful, radiant glow. With this new Youthful Skin Age-Defying Skin Regimen, Maharishi Ayurveda allows every woman to experience the Youthful Skin transformation.

39% fewer wrinkles, no damage

As we age a number of changes occur in the skin. The fat layer becomes thinner and so does the protective layer on the top of the skin. Because the flow of the blood decreases as we age, less nutrition gets to our skin cells and the skin heals more slowly. Also, the sebaceous glands produce less oil, so there is a tendency for the skin to dry out more easily.

To combat the aging of the skin, many people use creams with AHAs — alpha hydroxy acids. AHAs peel away the top layer of dead cells and reduce the appearance of fine lines. However, people are beginning to discover the problems with using AHAs, such as sensitivity to the sun and dry, irritated skin.

Continued use of these harsh acids can actually damage the skin and lead to premature aging and wrinkles. Youthful Skin Cream avoids these problems. An independent study conducted by Dermac Laboratory Inc. of Stamford, Connecticut followed widely-accepted dermatological standards. After just two months of use, twice a day, Youthful Skin Cream showed significant improvements in hydration, color, tone and clarity, thickness and wrinkles.

The research included 20 women, ages 35–55, who were exhibiting visible signs of dryness, wrinkles and aging. Significant improvements were seen in all parameters tested after four weeks of morning and evening applications, with continued progress noted after 12 weeks of use.

The conclusion of the researchers was that benefits increased after each month of additional use of the Youthful Skin Cream. This is the opposite of what happens with AHAs where you need to take three-month breaks from using the product to avoid damage to the skin.

Why is Youthful Skin Cream so effective?

The Youthful Skin line is prepared with potent, natural source botanical extracts and restorative vitamins in an all-natural base. The beauty secret is in the precise knowledge of how to combine the herbs for a balanced synergistic effect:

  • Sensitive Plant (Lajwanti) helps support nerve regeneration and boost resistance to sun damage
  • Gotu Kola enhances collagen synthesis
  • Antioxidant vitamins A, C and E curb premature wrinkling.

Besides being all-natural, Youthful Skin Cream improves transdermal absorption. So your skin can better absorb the nutrient-rich botanicals in the 9.5% herbal extract.

We prepare our own herbal extracts using traditional cold-pressed techniques and no chemical solvents. When you apply something to your skin, it is absorbed by your pores and then into your bloodstream via the vessels in the second layer of your skin. Therefore, take care to use only all-natural products that are free of synthetic ingredients. Otherwise, you’ll introduce toxic substances into your body which have a negative effect on the skin.

The Youthful Skin Three-Step Regimen

• Step One: Youthful Skin Herbal Soap

Gentle botanicals and herbal extracts cleanse away make-up and impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture content to help maintain a youthful radiance.

• Step Two: Youthful Skin Oil

A delicate blend of pure essential oils and herbs provides lipid support for the deep layers of the skin.

• Step Three: Youthful Skin Cream

Ayurvedic formula intercepts and neutralizes oxidants before they damage your skin. Provides nourishment for natural, healthy skin cell growth. It helps stimulate collagen synthesis for elasticity.